Corporate Mailer


Corporate Mailer is an Ultimate Bulk Mailing tool with AI Feature.

Can Send Email through

  • Normal SMTPs
  • Gmail API (can Add Bulk APIs)
  • Paypal API (To Send Auto Invoices) (Multiple API)

It has all the Incredible Features like:

  1. Auto Change SenderName, Subject & Almost Complete Body
  2. Auto Attach different Attachment Files(pdf or Image).
  3. SMTP & API Rotation
  4. Auto Disable Bad SMTP(Sender Emails)
  5. And much more..


The Best Bulk Mail Solution Offered for Smooth Communication!

With Corporate Mailer, the most advanced bulk mail sending software created to improve your company’s outreach strategy, you can unleash the power of effective communication. This powerful solution, designed¬† enables you to easily engage your audience, increase sales. The AI feature satisfies your contemporary need.

1 review for Corporate Mailer

  1. Aritra

    Best and easy to used software.

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